The DBEDT maps are a joint project between the Hawaii State Data Center and the DBEDT Office of Planning – Hawaii State GIS Program. These maps display census geographic boundaries and the geographic distribution of selected census data. The free downloadable software Microsoft Silverlight Plug-In is needed to view the interactive maps.

DBEDT Reference Maps (based on 2010 Census geography)

Geographic Level

Static PDF Maps

Interactive Maps

Census Designated Places Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
Census Tracts Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
Block Groups None Acrobat icon
Blocks None Acrobat icon
Counties None Acrobat icon
Hawaiian Home Lands Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
Congressional Districts (113th Congress – after 2011 reapportionment) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
State House Districts (2012 – after 2011 reapportionment) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
State Senate Districts (2012 – after 2011 reapportionment)) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMA) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
Census County Divisions Acrobat icon None
Urban/Rural Areas Acrobat icon Acrobat icon

DBEDT Thematic Maps


Static PDF Maps

Interactive Maps

American Community Survey (annual) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon
2010 Census (decennial) Acrobat icon Acrobat icon

U.S. Census Bureau Reference Maps, Thematic Maps and Data Tools

Reference Maps

2010 Census Reference Maps

Thematic Maps (includes maps on population, housing and other data topics)

Various Thematic Maps

Data Tools (with Hawaii data)

TIGERWeb (tool to visualize TIGER data)

Language Mapper (2007-2011 ACS 5-year data)

Census Flow Mapper – County to County Migration (2006-2010 ACS 5-year data)

2010 Census Interactive Population Map

Geographic Area Reports / References / Guides

Geographic Area Reports PDF EXCEL

[Urban/Rural] Urban and Rural Areas in the State of Hawaii, by County: 2010 (DBEDT; Sept. 2013)

Acrobat icon Acrobat icon

[Census Tract] – Selected Population and Housing Characteristics by County, Island and Census Tract for the State of Hawaii (DBEDT; Feb. 2013)

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[Island] – Island Population and Housing Units, State of Hawaii: 2010 (DBEDT; June 2011)

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[PUMA] – Income, Employment, Education, and Housing Characteristics of Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) in Hawaii: 2005 to 2007 (DBEDT; March 2009)

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Census Geographic Hierarchy (U.S. Census Bureau’s L.A. Regional Office) Acrobat icon
Census Geographic Level Counts: 2000 and 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau) Acrobat icon
PUMA Boundaries: 2000 and 2010 (C & C Honolulu Planning and Permitting Office) Acrobat icon
Getting to Know Hawaii’s Census Geography (DBEDT)
Acrobat icon
Guide to State Census Geography: Hawaii (U.S. Census Bureau) Acrobat icon
Creating Judicial District Geographic Areas (DBEDT) Acrobat icon