Maps by Subject

On this page, you can find thematic maps on various subjects.  Each thematic map portrays the spatial distribution of a particular subject.
Click each link to explore a story about demographic, housing, economic, or social characteristics of a geographic area.

The DBEDT maps are a joint project between the Hawaii State Data Center and the DBEDT Office of Planning – Hawaii State GIS Program. These maps display census geographic boundaries and the geographic distribution of selected census data.  The free downloadable software Microsoft Silverlight Plug-In is needed to view the interactive maps.

2018-2022 American Community Survey
By tract, state legislative districts, and counties

2019 Population Estimates
Total population, one year change, and change between 2010 and 2019, by counties

Population, Demographic Characteristics
Total Population (by Census Tract, 2010 Census)
Population Change between 2000 and 2010 (by District)
Population 65 and older in Percentage (by Census Tract, 2010 Census)
Population Density per Square Mile (by Census Tract, 2010 Census)

Housing Characteristics
Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (by Census Tract)
Owner-Occupied Housing in Percentage (by Census Tract, 2010 Census)
Persons per Household (by Census Tract, 2010 Census)

Economic Characteristics
Median Family Income (by Census Tract, 2011 5 yr ACS)
Median Household Income (by Census Tract, 2011 5yr ACS)
Persons below Poverty Level in Percentage (by Census Tract, 2011 5yr ACS)
Civilian Labor Force Unemployed in Percentage (by Census Tract, 2011 5yr ACS)

Social Characteristics
Percentage of High School Graduate or Higher (by Census Tract, 2011 5yr ACS)

Land Use/ Urbanization
Urbanized Areas and Urban Clusters  (by ZCTA,  2010 Census)

Language Use
Non-English Speaking Population (by CDP and by Census Tract, 2014 5 yr ACS)

Commuter Adjusted Daytime Population
Daytime Population Change Due to Commuting (by CDP, 2013 5yr ACS)
Workers Who Lived and Worked in the Same Place (by CDP, 2013 5yr ACS)
Employment to Working Residents Ratio (by CDP, 2013 5yr ACS)