2020 Hawaii Government Complete Count Committee

Hawaii’s Census efforts

Hawaii is committed to a complete and accurate count of all Hawaii residents during the 2020 Census. An accurate population count is of tremendous benefit to Hawaii. In addition to the reapportionment of congressional seats, census data will be used to distribute federal funds among the states and counties. Hawaii’s fair share of federal funds for programs essential to the health, education, and economic well-being of our residents depends on a complete count of everyone who lives in the state.

Over the next year, the Hawaii Government Complete Count Committee (HGCCC) will coordinate among state agencies, county governments, community leaders, and other Complete Count Committees to identify hard-to-count populations and areas and encourage full participation in Census 2020. Find other Complete Count Committees in Hawaii using this Census Bureau map.

With exactly one year before the Decennial Census, April 1, 2019 was proclaimed 2020 CENSUS DAY in Hawaii by Governor David Ige and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green. Governor Ige spoke to the Hawaii Government Complete Count committee about the importance of an accurate census count at the inaugural meeting. See photos from the meeting and read more here.

Meeting NotesRepresentativesBrochures & FlyersOther ResourcesLanguage Resources
Department/Agency Representative
Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism Eugene Tian, Chairperson
Department of Accounting and General Services Daeleen Liu
Department of Agriculture Sharon Hurd
Department of the Attorney General Julie Ebato
Department of Budget and Finance Mark Anderson
Department of Business Development & Tourism Wayne Thom
Department of Business Development & Tourism Peter Nelson
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs William Nhieu
Department of Defense Bruce Oliveira
Department of Education Lani Solomona
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Lisa Watkins-Victorino
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Jim Patterson
Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Cynthia Rezentes
Department of Health Dr. Alvin Onaka
Department of Human Resources Development Andrew Garrett
Department of Human Services Ricky Higashide
Department of Human Services Katherine Korenaga
Hawaii State Judiciary Roland Lee
Department of Labor & Industrial Relations Phyllis Dayao
Department of Land & Natural Resources Alyson Yim
Department of Public Safety Matthew Sutton
Department of Taxation Deborah Kwan
Department of Transportation Randall Landry 
Judiciary Supreme Court Roland Lee
Office of the Speaker of the House Kim Bowman
Office of the Speaker of the House Wesley Machida
University of Hawaii Brent Suyama
University of Hawaii Dan Meizenthal
Kapiolani Community College Bob Franco
County of Hawaii Jane Horike
City & County of Honolulu Pamela Witty-Oakland
County of Kauai Marie Williams
County of Maui William Snipes

Counting for Dollars 2020 for Hawaii Prepared by Andrew Reamer, the George Washington Institute of Public Policy, the George Washington University.

Sample 2020 Census Questionnaire A sample copy of the 2020 Census Questionnaire, which will be mailed to homes in March 2020.

Complete Count Committee Interactive Map A Census Bureau map of all 2020 Complete Count Committees across the nation, with contact information for each committee. Updated frequently.

Census 2020 FAQ Prepared by DBEDT, answers to commonly asked questions about the importance of the decennial census.

Why is the 2020 Census Important to DBEDT? How the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism use census data.

Response Outreach Area Mapper: A Census Bureau application developed to make it easier to identify hard-to-survey areas.