2020 Demographic Profiles

Data are available to download as an Excel file. Links to the original tables on https://data.census.gov are also included.

State and Counties

State of HawaiiExcelLink

Census tracts, by County

Reference materialTract namesInteractive Map
Hawaii County tractsExcelLink
Honolulu County tractsExcelLink
Kalawao County tractsExcelLink
Kauai County tractsExcelLink
Maui County tractsExcelLink

Census Designated Places (CDPs), by County

Hawaii County CDPsExcelLink
Honolulu County CDPsExcelLink
Kauai County CDPsExcelLink
Maui County CDPsExcelLink

Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs), by Island

Oahu ZCTAsExcelLink
Hawaii ZCTAsExcelLink
Maui ZCTAsExcelLink
Molokai ZCTAsExcelLink
Lanai ZCTAsExcelLink
Kauai ZCTAsExcelLink

Census County Divisions (CCDs)

Hawaii County CCDsExcelLink
Honolulu County CCDsExcelLink
Kalawao County CCDsExcelLink
Kauai County CCDsExcelLink
Maui County CCDsExcelLink

Congressional and Legislative Districts

Congressional DistrictsExcelLink
Hawaii State House DistrictsExcelLink
Hawaii State Senate DistrictsExcelLink