Economic Census 2002

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Tables and reports by DBEDT using the 2002 Economic Census data
DBEDT Comparative Tables (1997 vs. 2002): Accommodations and Food Services (NAICS 72) – PDF EXCEL
DBEDT Case Study: A Model Study for Establishing a Small Restaurant in Downtown Honolulu (example using the 1997 Economic Census and 2000 Census data) Condensed Version PDF Condensed Version WORD Full Version PDF Full Version WORD


Useful guides, geography and other reference materials, and data are listed below. Most of the data released are available through the American FactFinder data access tool
Listing of Hawaii Census Designated Places (CDPs) by Counties – EXCEL
Map of the Hawaii Census Designated Places (CDPs) – PDF
North American Classification System (NAICS) – used to classify our nation’s businesses
“What’s in It for You” (2002 Economic Census brochure from the U.S. Census Bureau)
2002 Economic Census Data on the U.S. Census Bureau Internet site (using the American FactFinder data access tool)