Summary File 2 – Description

Summary File 2

Brief description of SF2:

Summary File 2 (SF2) contains 100 percent data compiled from questions asked of every person and about every housing unit. Population items include age, sex, race, ethnicity (Hispanic or Latino origin), household size and relationship and group quarters information. Housing items include vacancy status (whether the housing unit is vacant or occupied), and tenure (whether a housing unit is owner- or renter-occupied). The data are presented in 36 population tables and 11 housing tables. Each table is iterated for up to 249 racial and ethnic population groups provided they meet a population threshold of 100 people in that geographic area. If there are fewer than 100 people of a specified population group in a specific geographic area, no tables will be shown for that group in that area.

Population groups:

Total population

132  racial categories

39  Hispanic or Latino categories

78  American Indian or Alaska Native tribal groupings

Summary data will be provided for the following geographic areas:



County subdivisions


Census tracts

Hawaiian home lands

Congressional districts (106th Congress)

Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)

State parts of American Indian/Alaska Native Areas

Tribal subdivisions

State parts of metropolitan areas

Census tracts (rather than blocks) are the lowest geographic-level tables available in SF2.

Where to find this information:

A listing of states that have been released and scheduled for release, along with links to the corresponding product announcements and supporting data files, may be found on the Web at

<>. In addition, links to all Census 2000 products may be found on the American FactFinder main page at

<>. CDs and DVDs may be purchased online from the Customer Service Center (Telephone: 301-763-INFO (4636); e-mail:  [email protected]).

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.