2020 Geography Updates: Urban and Rural Areas in Hawaii Report and Updated Census Geography Guide

Posted on Apr 29, 2024 in Featured, Main, Whats New Releases

Each decennial census brings changes to U.S. Census Bureau geographies. For 2020, the Census Bureau made changes to the boundaries of several geographies, including Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs), urban and rural areas, and census tracts. This week, the Hawaii State Data Center released a new report and updated guide related to the 2020 geography changes.

The report, “Urban and Rural Areas in the State of Hawaii: 2020,” details the changes to the urban criteria for 2020 and includes population and housing unit data for Hawaii’s urban and rural areas by county. An interactive map of Hawaii’s urban areas is also available with this report.

The 2020 Census Geography Guide includes information about Hawaii’s most frequently used Census geographies as well as instructions to help users translate non-Census geographies, like islands and judicial districts, into Census data searches. The guide is updated with information related to geography changes specific to the 2020 Census.

The releases can also be found at the Hawaii State Data Center’s Geography webpage, which includes updated reference maps for 2020 Census geographies, additional guides, and reference material for 2020 geography changes.