2020 Census Hiring

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Join the 2020 Census team!

The Census Bureau is hiring both office and field positions for the 2020 Census. Use the resources below to learn about the application process and get started, or call (808) 650-6611 to speak with someone at the ACO about hiring.

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Field Positions

  • Enumerators — Responsible for using automated devices (e.g. smartphones or laptop computers) to conduct job activities. Review assigned work to determine organization of neighborhoods and locate households for verifying addresses and/or conducting interviews, conduct interviews with residents in assigned areas by following stringent guidelines and confidentiality laws. Explain the purpose of the census interview, answer residents’ questions, and elicit information following a script, and record census data on devices and/or paper forms. Update address lists and maps. Validate address and map updates for quality purposes. Comply with accuracy standards while maintaining high acceptable production rates. Maintain and submit records of hours worked, miles driven, and expenses incurred in the performance of duties. Meet/talk with supervisor, as necessary, to review procedures, report issues or concerns, and receive additional instructions.
  • Census Field Supervisor — Responsible for using automated devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones, or laptop computers) to conduct job activities. Supervise Census Takers/Enumerators, including reviewing their work. Facilitate group training sessions using Census Bureau training guides and materials as well as personal observations and on-the-job training. Submit request for replacement workers, assess work, and ensure operations are staffed to maintain and uninterrupted workflow. Monitor the progress and performance of assigned staff and ensure assignments are completed on schedule. Monitor and resolve alerts (notices of potential issues) by following up with assigned staff. Provide instructions to Census Takers/Enumerators for improving production and performance to meet deadlines and quality standards. Assess employee performance. Conducts retraining of employees
  • Recruiting Assistant— Meet with government officials, business leaders, employment agencies, media outlets, community centers, faith-based groups, and other appropriate sources in the community to promote census employment opportunities. Acquire the support of local organizations to donate space for census assessment and training sessions (ensuring locations meet specific requirements). Conduct recruitment activities to recruit local residents, including attending local events to distribute job information and talk to residents. Assist individual applicants or groups of applicants in completing job applications, electronically and sometimes on paper. Execute the local recruiting plan, make recommendations on recruiting strategies, and review reports to determine progress towards recruiting goals. Use electronic tablet to review recruiting reports and maps, use email to communicate with office staff and organizations that provide potential recruiting sources, and complete other jobs tasks. Prepare and give impromptu presentations to diverse audiences.

Office Positions

  • Recruiting Manager— Responsible for formulating and directing a comprehensive ran for identifying, contacting and mobilizing national, regional and local organizations to provide candidates for the 2020 Census. Reviews procedures and reports from previous censuses and, tests relating to the recruiting efforts to determine how the recruiting operation was previously conducted.
  • Census Field Manager— The CFM oversees all address list development and data collection activities in the field including ensuring requests to fill vacant positions are submitted to the Administrative Manager. Training and directly supervising 10-15 supervisors. Overseeing the supervision of a geographically dispersed workforce of approximately 400 — 600 or more employees at the peak of operations. Monitoring field operations to ensure procedures are being followed. Analyzing management reports to assess progress and take corrective action to ensure deadlines are met and operations kept within budget.
  • Office Operation Supervisor — Assists in the management of office functions and day-to-day activities required to support field operations. Supervises clerks and oversees office operations, assignment preparation and tracking, quality checks, data entry, and shipment activities. Assigns work to subordinates and ensure accuracy and completeness. Maintains the flow and quality of work and adjusts expedite production. Recommends corrective action to keep operations on schedule and in proper sequence, including recommending shifting personnel from one operation to another as priorities change. Supervises cleric” activities, including development of work schedules, reviews work quality and accuracy, ensures deadlines are net, and other related activities. Collaborates with supervisor to select qualified individuals each field operation. Applies Equal Employment Opportunity principles in hiring practices, training, and employee development.
  • Clerks — Perform various administrative and clerical tasks, in an office environment, to support various functions, including payroll, personnel, recruiting, field operations, and support  Use word processing, spreadsheets and other software to perform duties. Use automated systems to complete assigned work such as including operations control systems, personnel and payroll systems, and other software (staff will receive training on these systems), Maintain paper and electronic files and administrative records, verify inventories, organizes and ensures proper tracking of equipment, and management of supplies. Answer/make calls and provides assistance and customer service. Receive, control, record, and process all incoming and outgoing shipments of supplies, correspondence and packages, and miscellaneous equipment.

Hiring is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.  Positions are not hired through state or local governments.  Contact (808) 650-6611 for more information.

Post updated February 14, 2020.