Updated 2020 Census Schedule

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 in Decennial Census, Main, Whats New Releases

Online self-response for the 2020 Census started on March 12th and is still ongoing; Americans are responding online every day at https://my2020census.gov/! However, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Census Bureau has adjusted their 2020 Census operations. 

A major adjustment for Hawaii is that people who receive their mail through P.O. Box are not currently receiving invitations to respond.  This is because invitations are hand-delivered to their physical addresses in a process called Update Leave.  This operation is on hold until at least June 13th. The Census Bureau is currently asking households who have not yet received their invitations to wait until their invitations arrive in June before filling out their census forms online or over the phone, especially for households that have Rural Route addresses.

The Census Bureau will be working to protect the health and safety of its employees as well as the American public by implementing guidance from federal, state, and local health authorities. 

Below are the adjustments being made to the 2020 Census schedule. If any additional adjustments are needed, this table will be updated accordingly.

Read the latest press release regarding the COVID-19 Operational Adjustments.

Activity/OperationOriginal ScheduleRevised Schedule
Self-Response Phase (online, phone, mail)March 12-July 31March 12–October 15
Field Offices at Peak OperationsMarch 1June 1
Update Leave March 12-April 17June 1
Mobile Questionnaire Assistance March 30-July 31Through October 5 with limited capacity
Nonresponse Followup (NRFU) and NRFU ReinterviewMay 13-July 31August 11-October 15
Group Quarters Enumeration (e-Response and Paper Enumeration)April 2-June 5April 2-September 3
In-Person Group Quarters EnumerationApril 2-June 5July 1-September 3
Service-Based EnumerationMarch 30-April 1September 22- September 24
Census counts people experiencing homelessness outdoorsApril 1September 23- September 24
Enumeration of Transitory LocationsApril 9-May 4September 3-September 28
Deliver apportionment counts to the PresidentBy December 31, 2020By December 31, 2020
Deliver redistricting counts to statesBy April 1, 2021By April 1, 2021